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Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps European businesses innovate and grow internationally.
The Network is?active in more than 60?countries worldwide. It brings together 3,000 experts from more than 600?member organizations.
Do you want to innovate? Do you want to grow internationally?

The Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ experts?provide :

– advisory support and services for international growth and for facing the challenges of the Single market
– helps to find business partners
– and gives support for business innovation

The Brussels companies can reach the Enterprise Europe Network Brussels’ experts at hub.brussels and at the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels.

Access to the Partnership Opportunities Database – Your benefits
  • It contains thousands of business, technology and research cooperation requests and offers from companies.
  • The database is accessible for free.
  • With the support of your Enterprise Europe Network Brussels expert, you can disseminate a company profile with the description of your activity and your cooperation offer/request.
  • You can also subscribe to receive alerts on new requests and offers.

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L’European IP Helpdesk s’est associé à l’unité de l’économiste en chef de l’Office européen des brevets (OEB) et à l’Académie européenne des brevets pour développer une nouvelle série d’études de cas montrant comment les brevets facilitent le transfert de technologie des universités et des organismes de recherche publics en Europe et contribuent à leur succès […]

Nouveau centre de statistiques et de tendances en matière de brevets de l’OEB

L’Office Européen des Brevets a ouvert un nouveau centre interactif de statistiques et de tendances en matière de brevets.   Le centre de statistiques et de tendances est un nouvel outil qui vous permet de visualiser de manière harmonisée des données auparavant éparses. Vous pourrez personnaliser vos propres graphiques et filtrer les champs pertinents en […]

Supporting collective intelligence in circular economy projects

Are you developing a project in the circular economy field that aims to address economic and social challenges in the Brussels-Capital Region? Would you like to integrate citizens’ visions and needs into your project and learn more about its societal impacts and acceptability?? Then the TRANSFORM call for projects is for you.

Events View all events

08.09.2021 Brokerage event @ digital rail convention

8 September, 2021
The B2B event is taking place on?8 September 2021?as part of the?Digital Rail Convention 2021. It is basically planned as an on-site event, but can also be carried out virtually due to the current uncertain situation (Covid).

08-15.09.21 Swiss MedTech Day Conference & Virtual Matchmaking

9 September, 2021
The Swiss Medtech Day is an important medical technology event in Switzerland with around 600 participants each year. The event focus is digital health technology.

14.09.2021 Technology Forum In vitro-diagnostics and Bioanalysis 2021

14 September, 2021
Want to know more about liquid biopsy? Take part in the technology forum on September 14th and listen to inspiring presentations, add your knowledge to vibrant round table discussions and benefit from attractive networking opportunities!

21-24.09.2021 14th International Railway Fair Trako & brokerage event

21 September, 2021
TRAKO is the largest and most prestigious rail industry meeting in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. A presentation of the state of the art in transport systems and railway infrastructure in Poland, Europe and round the world. The Fair takes place every two years.

Disclaimer : The information and views set out in this [report/study/article/publication…] are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of EISMEA, the European Commission or other European Institutions. EISMEA does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this [report/study/article/publication…]. Neither EISMEA, nor the Commission or any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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